Sourcing management of MAPNA Drilling Co. (A subsidiary of MAPNA Group’s Oil & Gas division) intends to create an integrated electronic database of contractors in order to identify material suppliers and service providers and to expand and complete our supply chain. These contractors include manufacturers, sellers, consultants, inspectors, etc. who are capable of cooperation in provision of material, equipment and services required in our projects.

In this regard, qualified applicants are requested to register in MDCO’s database through the following steps:

  • In case that your company’s field of activity is in line with MDCO’s requirements, register via this link.
  • Following this step, MDCO’s sourcing management takes necessary measures to activate an account for those companies who provide services required for current projects.
  • After receiving account information, you will have access to the database via below link to complete your company’s information.
  • After completion of requested information and submission of supporting documents in the database, MDCO’s sourcing management evaluates qualification of the applicants. (It should be noted that, in case of not filling the necessary parts and attachments, you will not be able to submit your information. Also, filling all the forms and enclosing all the supporting documents will affect the final evaluation of companies.)
  • Companies may find their latest status in the mentioned database through “membership tracking” section.

After completing above steps, in case of obtaining the required score in evaluation process, the company will be approved in MDCO AVL/ACL and consequently in MAPNA Group’s AVL/ACL and as a result, will be invited to cooperate and to attend in the upcoming tenders.

Through the following phone No., you can contact the sourcing management of MAPNA Drilling Co.:

(+98) 21 96880736

(+98) 21 96880737