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Oil and Gas Division Mapna at a glance

* MDCO is active in execution of EPDS projects in onshore and offshore.
* The company registered under the name of Kish Noor Middle East Energy Development Co. (MEED) in 2009, and the name changed to Mapna Drilling Noor Kish Company in 2014.

Mapna Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDC) is active in the following fields:

  • Oil and Gas field exploration
  • Onshore & offshore Oil & Gas field development
  • Upstream and midstream process units
  • Oil and Gas refinery engineering & construction
  • Direct investment in oil and gas projects

OGDC, by relying on Mapna Group potential and ability in management and investment, has started market studies and negotiation with capable companies for technology transfer.

Neyrperse, since its inception has been actively engaged in design, procurement, manufacturing and installation as well as commissioning of Hydro Mechanical Cooling Tower Equipment, Storage Tanks (fixed & floating roofs), pressure Vessels, Piping (O.G & U.G), and Industrial steel Structure, Hydro Electrical Power Plant Equipment, Civil Works Comprising Roads & Bridge Constructions, Petrochemical Equipment and also Oil & Gas Equipment Packages. The main strategic purpose of Neyrperse for recent development is manufacturing of Oil & Gas equipment meeting the latest standards.
TEC is an Iranian company founded in 1991 and is based in Tehran. The prime objective of the company is to provide technical advice and assistant to the oil and gas industry in the areas of exploration, reservoir management and well technology. As such, TEC is the leading company of its kind established in Iran with the main devotion to the upstream studies.

Field of Activities

EPDS projects | Drilling projects management | Different onshore and offshore drilling operation | Procurement of different onshore and offshore drilling rigs | Drilling engineering and supervisory services | Drilling services | Procurement of equipment, machinery and related equipment for onshore and offshore drilling projects



Executed Offshore Projects


Ongoing Offshore Projects


Executed Onshore Projects


Ongoing Onshore Projects


Executed Drilling Services


Ongoing Drilling Services


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