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About MDCO

As a subsidiary of Mapna Group, Mapna Drilling Company (MDCO) is engaged in upstream oil and gas projects. Benefiting from the competitive resources available to its parent company, its sophisticated equipment and machineries and its professional human resources, MDCO is capable of planning and executing exploration, development and work over drilling operation to the highest level of quality and standard. This capability extends to complete drilling operation from inception and planning to handover for production or plugging and abandonment.

Our Mission

In line with national & regional development policies, Mapna Drilling Noor Kish Co. (MDCO) makes commitment to consider needs and expectations of clients in upstream sector of oil & gas industry in the field of project management, engineering, procurement, drilling & drilling services in onshore and offshore projects by applying modern technologies.

Our Vision

To be among 5 leading drilling contractors in Iran and being a successful player in international markets by 1404.


Health, Safety & Environment, Organization excellence, Result oriented, Client focus, Business Ethics, Knowledge sharing, Team working, Accountability, Respects to people, Social responsibility .


Mapna Drilling Noor Kish Co. undertakes its operation based on body of knowledge in drilling industry & its technical services and applying skills and experiences of professional people. MDCO has established integrated management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards & IOGP HSEMS guidelines to achieve business excellence and gives its commitment for implementation, maintenance and continual improvement in effective performance of these systems, complying with legal requirements and other requirements, prevention of occupational injury and ill health and protection of environment including prevention of pollution and other specific commitments relevant to the context of organization.

The main organization strategies are as follows:

  1. Assets development
  2. Client focus by improving marketing processes
  3. Process excellence & effective management of projects
  4. Improving safe and environmental oriented services
  5. Promoting innovation and developing portfolio
  6. Improving service provision to client
  7. Increasing productivity and maintaining profitability
  8. Development of EPDS projects and effective participation  in international  markets

I hereby on behalf of all employees, demonstrates my commitment to these statements and expects all to be fully engaged and cooperate in achieving what mentioned above.

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